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The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) have the potential to improve mathematics education for students throughout the nation for decades to come. The ultimate goal is improved student learning through common standards that shape high-quality curricula and assessments for all students. But the standards also provide an opportunity to improve other aspects of the educational system, including elevating the teaching profession itself by affording opportunities from within.

The Committee on Teachers as Professionals (c-TaP) believes that in order to achieve the goals of CCSSM, the body of teachers of school mathematics must be composed of highly talented and well prepared professionals who continually upgrade their knowledge and skills. The dual goals of implementing the standards and professionalizing teaching are therefore closely linked, and we have an opportunity to achieve both goals in the coming years. Our committee believes we should take advantage of that opportunity.

We believe that mathematics teachers should have a leadership role in implementing the CCSSM from the beginning and that role should expand throughout the implementation.

July 2012

c-TaP Steering Committee
c-TaP Steering Committee

[back l to r] Herb Clemens [CBMS], Linda Gojak [NCTM], Bill McCallum [IM&E], Peggy Brookins [teacher], John Ewing [MfA]
[front l to r] Marilyn Strutchens [AMTE], Gail Burrill [PCMI], Suzanne Mitchell [NCSM], Kathi King [teacher]
Alice Gill [AFT], Judy Welch [teacher], Peg Cagle [teacher]
[not pictured] Allison Barr [Achieve], Brad Findell [ASSM], Aaron Orzech [teacher]

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IAS/PCMI: Advancing a Common Curriculum in Mathematics by Herb Clemens
The Institute for Advanced Study's Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) has run a summer program for secondary school mathematics teacher-leaders since 1994. About fifty nationally selected secondary mathematics teachers participate in the three-week institute each year. Gradually over the years, the program, with its three components-doing mathematics, reflecting on practice, and becoming a resource to colleagues and the profession-has developed into one of the premier programs for the professional development of mathematics teachers in the United States. It is arguably unsurpassed in overall quality. >> full article.

Mathematics Teachers as Professionals
If the educational goals mandated by the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) are to be realized, the body of teachers of school mathematics must be comprised of highly talented and highly trained professionals. This document is intended as a very brief philosophical piece based on two premises. The first premise is that teachers, like most highly valued professionals, will ultimately have to take charge of their own profession, its norms and its mechanisms of professional progress. >> full pdf document.

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