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IAS/PCMI Undergraduate Faculty Program

Collegiate mathematicians with a strong interest in undergraduate education are encouraged to apply to the Undergraduate Faculty Program. Seminars and activities are designed to give these participants the opportunity to advance their mathematical knowledge and hone their teaching skills in an environment where both research and educational goals are being pursued.

Summer 2008
Algebraic geometry can highlight connections between traditionally segregated areas of undergraduate mathematics. This program will give participants the needed tools to make these connections. Tom Garrity of Williams College will lead this year's session.

Summer 2007
This year's UFP Program led by William Barker, Bowdoin College, will show how exciting developments in the study of mixing times -- with connections to physics and computer science -- can be given an elementary exposition accessible to motivated undergraduates.

Summer 2006
The 2006 UFP Program focused on learning how to teach an undergraduate course in knot theory, how to do research in knot theory and how to direct student research in knot theory.

Summer 2005
The 2005 UFP Program was led by Daniel Goroff, Professor of the Practice of Mathematics at Harvard University and Associate Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

Summer 2004
The UFP Program led by Francis Edward Su, Harvey Mudd College, used geometric combinatorics to weave together many aspects of a faculty member's professional life -- teaching, research, outreach, and recreation -- into a harmonious whole.

Summer 2003
As facilitator of the Undergraduate Faculty Program, Andrew J. Bernoff, Harvey Mudd College, developed this set of pages: Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations in the Undergraduate Curriculum.

Summer 2002
In 2002, Daniel Schaal, South Dakota State University, lead the UFP program Directing Undergraduate Research Programs in Mathematics with an emphasis on combinatorics.

Summer 2001
As participants of the Undergraduate Faculty Program, Mike Breen and Meg Dillon started the list of Ordinary Differential Equations Resources [ODE Resources] during the Park City Mathematics Institute 2001. Other participants in the UFP contributed sites to the list.

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