2013-2014 Participant Outreach Activities

To build a core group of users for the PCMI @ Math Forum resources, participants of the 2013 Summer School Teachers Program have offered/will offer the following workshops.

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c-TaP workshop
Date: August, 2013
Location: Florida
Speakers: Donna Young and Sarah Burns
Description: We presented materials that had been developed during afternoon sessions from PCMI 2012 and PCMI 2013.
A Conversation with Mary Pilgrim on problem-based learning with pre-service math teachers using the PCMI materials
Date: September, 2013
Location: University of Utah
Speaker: Mary Pilgrim
Description: A presentation to the Math Education Seminar.
Designing and implementing a problem-based mathematics course
Date: January, 2014
Location: Baltimore, MD
Speaker: Mary Pilgrim
Description: A MAA Panel Discussion at the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
Implementing Common Core in Ratio and Proportion
Date: April, 2014
Location: Seminole Middle School, FL
Speaker: Jennifer Outzs
Description: We used tape diagrams as a new tool for teaching ratio and proportion.
Program Committee Members
Date: April, 2014
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Speaker: Monica Tienda and Carl Oliver
Description: Monica and Carl are on the Program Committee for the NCTM Regional Conference to be held in Minneapolis in 2015.

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