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Affiliated Programs

Some groups host their own summer institutes for teachers. Teacher participants from these regions are encouraged to complete the local summer program before applying to the Park City summer program. These groups are:

Northwest Mathematics Interaction (NWMI)
The Northwest Mathematics Interaction (NWMI) at the University of Washington offers a one-week residential geometry program for secondary and middle-school teachers, plus several workshops around the State of Washington. NWMI, established in 1994, began as an outreach activity of the PCMI Professional Development and Outreach group at the University of Washington. Now in its 8th year, this peer-led program offers a limited number of slots to teachers outside of the Pacific Northwest region.

PROMYS (The Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists) for TEACHERS
PROMYS for TEACHERS, a program sponsored by Boston University, is designed to support current efforts nationwide to enhance problem-solving and open-ended exploration in high school mathematics classrooms. PROMYS engages high school teachers and students in an experience of mathematical exploration within a supportive community of their peers enriched by undergraduates, graduate students, and research faculty, all actively developing their own research careers in mathematics and science. Alumni of PROMYS are encouraged to attend PCMI in subsequent years.

Rice University School Mathematics Project (RUSMP)
The mission of the Rice University School Mathematics Project is to help teachers and administrators better understand the nature of mathematics, the teaching and assessing of mathematics, and the importance of mathematics in today's society. Our major goal is to enhance the mathematical and pedagogical Houston K-12 math teachers and support them in implementing more effective mathematics programs.

Ross Summer Mathematics Program
The Ross Summer Mathematics Program at the Ohio State University established a new, three-week program for high school mathematics teachers in the summer of 2001. The participants are surrounded with interesting mathematical questions, enabling them to discover why various mathematical techniques work and how they can be generalized. The core of this program is a challenging course in number theory. Alumni of Ross are encouraged to attend PCMI in subsequent years.

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