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Jason Lang: "To get a sense of the PCMI Experience, read my commentaries and view photos from PCMI 2012!"
Game Night
Jason Receives Number Cookies
PCMI Director's Hike with Dick Hain

Jason Lang

Jet Warr

Jet Warr: "My story is about a corny connection that I made when I heard that Dr. John Tate was here attending PCMI. In the recesses of my mind I remembered I had seen a reference to him in a book and that it was a humorous one. I wanted to find it. When I was visiting with my son at home, I told him about it and he went through our bookshelf. We found our copy of the book A Beautiful Mind. I looked in the index and it listed John Tate. On page 239 in the book there was a reference to him wearing a costume at a party. It took me three days to work up enough nerve to take the book with me into the auditorium during the Film Festival Cross Program. Andrew cheered me on! I went up to Dr. Tate and asked him if I could have a minute of his time. I showed him page 239 in the book where his first name is mentioned and he said, 'Oh, for heaven's sakes.' and then he told me 'It was true.' I asked him, 'Would you mind signing my book for me?' Much to my surprise he wrote, 'It's true. John T. Tate.' right below the passage that mentions him."
Joyce Frost: "Peg's daughter described it as "Math Nerd Camp" to which Peg corrected her and said, "Oh, no, it's Super Math Nerd Camp." I'm not sure about the nerd part, but I would definitely call it "Super Math Camp" for teachers. It is the most incredible opportunity to meet and share experiences with some of the most amazing math teachers from all over the country. It is a high energy, activity packed three weeks of great math to stretch us as mathematicians, ways to improve our teaching through example, dialogue, research, and suggestions from others, and an incredible opportunity to experience the excitement of creating publishable materials to share with teachers who check out the PCMI website. PCMI is an opportunity to meet people from all aspects of mathematics and mathematics education. And all of this is done in a picturesque, supportive environment."

Peg Cagle, Johnny Lott, Joyce Frost

Troy Jones and Steve Phelps

Steve Phelps: "So the three weeks at PCMI...I made new friends, met new people, did a bunch of math, learned a lot of math, saw places I might never have had the chance to see, talked and shared ideas with other teachers, teacher educators, mathematicians and math students. It did give my math teaching a kick-start, especially in the areas of technology. All in all, I experienced three weeks that I still can't believe I got to experience...PCMI really was (and I guess still is) the single most significant "math event" I have had professionally." . . . read more

Rey Jope: If Disneyland is "the happiest place on earth," then here at PCMI, I've found my professional Disneyland! God bless you all!

View more photos of the Combinatorics Working Group moving together.

Rey's working group trying
a kinesthetic exercise

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