Park City Mathematics Institute
Data, Statistics, and Probability

Integrated Algebra - Graphs and Statistics
by George Ludovici

    NYS_IA_Statistics_Cup_Stacking: MS Word || PDF

To address statistical components of the NYS Integrated Algebra Regents level course with accommodations for anticipated impact of the Common Core Standards.


  • Project and data collection
  • Frequency and Cumulative Frequency Histograms
  • Box and Whiskers Plots
  • Scatter Plot
  • Line of Best Fit
  • Correlation
  • Central Tendency


  • 16 plastic stackable/disposable cups per student group, 3 to 5 students per group
  • Two different color markers, for each group to write on the cups
  • Stop watch or other method of timing to the nearest second for each group
  • Tape measure (reach across student's arm-span)

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