Geometry Working Group

Tuesday, July 17

Philip filmed the first run-through of the lessons that the geometry sub-groups are planning to create. Unwitting (or is that witlessly....) the groups are divided along gender lines. Peg is playing Devil's Advocate for both groups.

The men (Tim Giesbrecht, Christian Jensen, and Troy Jones) presented a run through of their lesson which will be a fascinating combination of hands-on physics and geometry featuring very clever home-made manipulatives. The topic will eventually be narrowed but for now, great questions came up about the balance points of polygons when weights are at the vertices, or along the edges, or evenly distributed throughout the shape.The group will have experiments with connections to Sketchpad.

The second group (Joyce Frost and Kris Koch) is writing up a lesson focusing on the mathematics involved in one of the polyhedra that pack space, namely the rhombic dodecahedron. The lessons will attempt to teach vocabulary, find lengths, areas, volumes, dissect the shape into various congruent polyhedra, and give an excuse to create some fascinating puzzles from tag board and contact paper.

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