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Friday, July 13

We discussed our agenda for the day (not necessarily in this order) and a summary of the discussion related to these agenda items is included.

  1. Program Committee report:
    Next week:
    Monday 4:30 5:30 Sketchpad (Basic and Intermediate)
    7:00 9:00 Origami (cont.)
    Tuesday 12:00 1:00 Program Committee Meeting
    4:30 5:30 Grant Writing?
    Thursday 4:30 5:30 Rugby and Conics
    7:00 9:00 Sketchpad

    Third week:
    Friday (7/27) 2:00 2:30 Our presentation to hstp group

    Herb suggested including two things:
    1) where does it come from mathematically? and 2) where is it going mathematically?

  2. "Safety" in responding: Shelly mentioned the need to remember to be conscientious about making people feel comfortable about sharing their ideas.
  3. Lab time?
  4. Extensions
  5. Thinking about the product:

    Lynette suggested putting together a compilation of lessons and activities to be posted to the web accessible to all.

    Sue suggested putting together a compilation of "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper" articles and activities. Shelly suggested that we put together some general guidelines of "how to" do this.

    Sue talked about the possibility of including PowerPoint presentations in our compilation that are "downloadable".

    Shelly suggested that we open it up to others, allowing them to submit to our "compilation". He also suggested having an opportunity on our web page to evaluate/give and get feedback/rating/extensions.

    We decided to take some settling time to think about these ideas over the weekend. We did decide, though, that we'd all find a maximum of three articles in the newspaper over the weekend that could be used to develop a mathematical topic.

  6. Generalizing on what we produce
    • Intro
    • Previous
      • PowerPoint
      • Html
      • Jpeg
      • Games
    • Math Teachers Reads the Newspaper
    • Links
  7. What other things do you want for yourself? Sharing day?







    Commun-icating Math

    Logic & Reason-ing
















    Who Am I?/Who Will I Be?

































    Braille alphabet activity (Josh)

  8. Sue's PowerPoint on the volume of a cube
  9. What other things do you want for yourself? (cont.)
    • "Structures" for organizing content?
    • Etc.

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