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Friday, July 20

Program Committee Report:

  1. Michelle shared the PCMI Lesson Plan format to be submitted with each of our lessons posted to the web - there will be a template posted on the hstp page of the Math Forum;
  2. next Tuesday from 7-9 p.m., there will be a session allowing high school teachers to interact with undergraduate faculty;
  3. on Monday evening there will be a "swap shop" from 8-9 p.m. which will allow you to share ideas with fellow teachers of the same subject (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, Calc & and Integrated Math); and
  4. the program committee is going to design an evaluation form for the hstp (write down your ideas for questions for all including alumni and give them to Michelle).

Dave K. reported that a special M3 directory has been set up on the computers in the computer lab, so that all can make changes to others documents if necessary (save as: M3 directory).

Subgroups reported as follows:

Web sites: Everyone in this subgroup will save their list of web sites on the M3 directory and Lynette will consolidate them on Sunday.

MTRN: David passed out a draft of the criteria and questions for MTRN along with a copy with Shelly’s ideas related to the draft. A short article was also passed out as a test of the criteria and questions. We worked through these questions as they relate to this article and we agreed that it would be a nice article to use in the high school classroom. Modifications to the criteria and questions were suggested and changes will be made by the MTRN subgroup and presented next week.

INTRO: Dori shared that the intro page will have an animated picture at the top and then read their synopsis (draft form).

We then decided to move to our "circle within a circle" activity of sharing lesson plan ideas that we’ve used in our classrooms.







Commun-icating Math

Logic & Reasoning









Children’s story (Lynette)


Who Am I?/Who Will I Be?


40m dash Activity (Dave B.)



Frame Activity (Dori)

Lawyer/Proof Activity (Gina)












Origami Heart (Sue)



  • Desktop Teaching (Mathematics Teacher) — an exam review project (Sue & Lynette)
  • Euclidean algorithm for division in base 2 recursively (Dave K.)
  • Reading to students (Gina) i.e. Math Curse, The Animal School by George H. Reavis, Math Literacy and Civil Rights by Robert P. Moses
  • Flip Books (Michelle)
  • Box Activity (Dori)
  • Slope Project — Woodrow Wilson Institute (Sue)

We discussed our agenda for next week including putting together a Power-Point presentation for Friday and practicing our presentation next Thursday.

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