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Monday, July 23

Internet Committee Report: Lynette reported that during the year, the group will be sending their files to her via attachment to an e-mail, and then Lynette will actually post them to the web site. Lynette mentioned that she would be meeting with Suzanne at 2:30 today and would be presenting some ideas for our portion of the hstp web site. We discussed our interest in having an animated figure on the intro to our site, and then Sue suggested that each bullet be a smaller version of that animated figure.

A discussion about our Power Point presentation followed. Dori, Lynette, Sue & Dave B. will be involved in designing this presentation with the idea of incorporating the 3-week process that we followed. Michelle suggested that we encourage our colleagues here to send lessons to Lynette so that she can post them to our portion of the web site.

Because some of our members were leaving for another meeting at 2:00, we then broke into our small groups (including a group working on the Power Point presentation) to continue work.







Commun-icating Math

Logic & Reasoning









Children’s story (Lynette)


Who Am I?/Who Will I Be?


40m dash Activity (Dave B.)



Frame Activity (Dori)

Lawyer/Proof Activity (Gina)












Origami Heart (Sue)



  • Desktop Teaching (Mathematics Teacher) — an exam review project (Sue & Lynette)
  • Euclidean algorithm for division in base 2 recursively (Dave K.)
  • Reading to students (Gina) i.e. Math Curse, The Animal School by George H. Reavis, Math Literacy and Civil Rights by Robert P. Moses
  • Flip Books (Michelle)
  • Box Activity (Dori)
  • Slope Project — Woodrow Wilson Institute (Sue)

We discussed our agenda for next week including putting together a Power-Point presentation for Friday and practicing our presentation next Thursday.

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