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Suzanne Alejandre

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The first time you use Fetch follow these directions. After you connect the first time, however, make a shortcut (see directions at the bottom of this page) and it will simplify the process.
  1. In the opening screen, replace whatever appears in the Host text box with
  2. Type the User ID and Password that you were given in Park City.
  3. Type in this string in the Directory text box:


  1. Now you should be able to see your working group directory. The example shows the internetcomm directory but you should make certain that you go only to your working group's directory.

  1. Now there are two things that you can do put files and get files. This can be done by dragging a file from the Fetch window to your desktop or from your desktop to the Fetch window. BE CAREFUL. There will be NO warning that you are about to overwrite a file.
  1. After transferring, the files will appear in the main Fetch window listing. Now you should set the permissions by going to Remote and coming down to Set Permissions. Check the boxes as displayed for a file or gif:

  1. If you have made a directory (folder) then set the permissions like this:

  1. To transfer files from the web server to your computer, select files and/or folders in the main Fetch window by clicking on them (hold down the SHIFT key to select multiple files/folders). Then click the Get Files button and choose where you would like them to be saved.
  1. Commands for renaming and deleting selected files on the web server are available on the Remote menu (Rename Directory or File, Delete Directory or File).
  1. You can create a shortcut to the Math Forum's server by pulling down the Customize menu and clicking New Shortcut. The shortcut type is Folder; you can give it any descriptive name you wish but pcmi is a good suggestion. Enter the Host Name, User ID, and Password and type the following in the Directory space:


    Now, whenever you want to connect to the Math Forum's server you can simply choose the shortcut from the menu on the opening screen (click the downward pointing arrow).

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