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prepared by Annie Fetter, 10 July 2001 <>

Finding truly useful resources can be an arduous task. To find math-related resources I would first go to the Math Forum, then I'd head to a more general searcher such as google. It all depends on the type of resources I want to find.

Searching the Math Forum

Say you know you want something about a math resource. Start with the Math Forum.
A General Search
This allows you to search all of the resources on the Math Forum, when you haven't really thought about the type of resource you want.
Example: I want to find some resources on patty paper, so I search the Forum for "patty paper", without the quotes, and then choose "that exact phrase" from the options below the text box. Try it yourself!

Search the Internet Math Library
This electronic library has links to tons of resources of various forms - lesson plans, interactive activities, data, whatever!
Example: Since the Baseball All-Star game is tonight, I'd like resources based on baseball to use with high school geometry students. I can search for "baseball" and set the limiters to "high school" and "geometry". I got five things back. Try it above using the link above.

Search Dr. Math
Looking for an explanation that might be suitable to give to a student? This is where I look. (You might also want to just browse through the Dr. Math archives.)
Example: I wanted to use Heron's Formula in a Geometry Problem of the Week, knowing that a lot of kids didn't know it. I found an example of Dr. Math explaining what the formula is and where it comes from that students would be able to understand. Try it yourself using the link above.

Search Teacher2Teacher
Looking for teachers' opinions on teaching particular topics or using different resources? This is the place. (You can browse their archives as well, at the same page.)
Example: I wanted to get some ideas about teaching tessellations to high school students, so I searched T2T for "tessellations" and limited the search to "high school". Try it using the link above!

Searching the Universe

Google is the searcher I've been using recently. Everyone has their favorite. I tend to go out and search "everything" when I want data on a topic or information about, say, deer hunting in North America. I'm not specifically looking for "math" resources.
Example: I wanted information on and examples of "visual approach slope indicators", which are mechanical devices that tell you if your approach angle is correct when you're landing an airplane (small airplanes!). It's not something I expected to see on the Math Forum, so I tried google. Give it a try yourself (even if you're not sure what you're looking for!).

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