Japanese Lesson Study

Thursday, July 19

We each presented problems we thought would make good openers for our lesson. We decided on one, and went on to detail the activities we wanted the students to participate in. We ended with an outline of our sample lesson:


ask question

ask students how they solved it and bring out representations‹students make graphs

dev 1.

Questions relating ³inverse points² and midpoints

Discovery: midpoints lie on y = x

Ask for conjectures

And proof ­ask how do we know?

Vocab‹be sure to mention: reflection over y = x‹how do we know it¹s a reflection--folding

Graphs and inverse functions

Dev. 2

Give linear function rule f

Kids‹sketch graph

Reflect some points over y = x (by folding)

Make line and find a function rule which corresponds to the graph g

Verify that f and g are inverse functions

Find a function rule for time in terms of bacteria

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