Number Theory and Algebra Working Group

Monday, July 16

"Waxing Up Our Technology Surfboards"

Today we began our session by surfing the Internet to see what we could find related to our project and Pascal’s Triangle. This came about as a result of Ryota’s homework assignment from Friday. John showed us a website, which computes Pascal’s triangle in various mods. The website is. . .

Other useful and exciting websites were found. We intend to share these during our presentation. We spent the first hour surfing the net and discussing our findings.

Then Victoria led us through a parametric equation problem on the TI-89. It was a great problem but could be enhanced by using a Red Sox player such as Manny Ramirez rather than Bernie Williams–sorry Victoria J. From there Ryota showed us a trigonometric problem involving the unit circle and the sine wave. Together, the group explored a way to graph this parametric relationship using the TI-89.

Next we began discussing the focus of our project. We concluded the session with some more brainstorming for the scavenger hunt.

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