Algebra and Number Theory

Thursday, July 19

"What a Day a Difference Makes!"

Today, our working group session began with Bob presenting LaGrange's Interpolation formula. Next, Brian shared with us his write-up to what we've now titled "Gary's Problem" and in his write up we noticed a Pascalish Triangle pattern that also had an up and over component. We then looked at a response to a question, which Ryota had asked Al via email---which was also related to "Gary's Problem." In sum, "Gary's problem is a difficult one and we intend to continue to work on it.

We then established an outline for our presentation scheduled for next Friday, July 28, 2001. We have decided to break the presentation down into three types of functions: linear, quadratic, and quartic. Additionally, during this discussion the subject of squares came up and David Evans (a.k.a. "the Edge") did a really nice presentation on generating the formula along with a geometric interpretation of the same problem done by Ryota. After we established our outline we began to discuss the components of our group project as a whole based upon the "Lesson Plan Outline" provided to us by Art Mabbott. Upon finishing up our session we paired off into groups of two to write up a draft of our presentation. Victoria and Francisco are responsible for the Linear portion, John and Gary will be working on the quadratic section, and Gisele and David will work on the quartic section.

Oh yeah, our session concluded with a brief lesson on BostonSpeak. For example, Boston should be pronounced as Bawstun. One should add the letter r when it is not needed and subtract the letter r when it is necessary----see, it really is all about math! J

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