Cindy Hayes Birthday Cake Problem
presented by Art Mabbott, July 17, 2002

We have a birthday cake...a square one that is frosted on the top and the sides. We need to divide it up all of the cake exactly so that:
  1. Everyone receives the same amount of cake and
  2. Everyone receives the same amount of frosting.
  1. If there were four people, how could you cut the cake up?

  2. If there were 8 people, how might you slice it?

    Are there other numbers of people for which you could slice it up and follow the rules? This is the problem for you to work on. How can you slice the square cake so that 1) everyone receives the same amount of cake and 2) everyone receives the same amount of frosting?

------- For fun Suzanne thought you might enjoy these problems -------

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