Instructions for Completing Performance Contract
by Nick Salvatore

View Performance Contract || Download MS Word file: contract.doc

  1. The student should determine what grade he/she wants for the current 9 week period.
  2. In section 1, the student should list the activities and habits that he/she is willing to commit to in order to earn the grade they listed above.
  3. In section 3, the student should list those special things that they expect the teacher to do so that he/she will be successful during the nine week period.
  4. Before the contract is returned to the teacher, it must be signed and dated by both the student and his/her parent.
  5. After the teacher receives the signed contract, he will sign it and will return a copy of it to the student.
  6. The student may request a progress report at any time during the grading period to determine if they are "on target" to attain their goal. The normal 3 week and 6 week progress reports may be too long a period to wait between progress checks for some students.


I am here to help the student, but the student is expected to study, do homework, participate in class and attend tutoring sessions (if needed).

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