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The goals of this group were to determine ways to insert the data analysis strand of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000) into the high school curriculum we are currently teaching. Teachers formed pairs by shared teaching assignments and wrote PCMI Problems for their own classes. Students in these classes will submit answers to the problem in the Math Forum POW format. The pairs will mentor each other's students during the school year. A discussion group was begun so that participants may support each other during the school year.

The participants have also begun learning the Fathom dynamic statistical teaching software. Participants are developing Fathom lessons to support the activities in Navigating Through Data Analysis: Grades 9 - 12 (Burrill, in press). Our first activity, entitled Biased Rectangles, is a simulation illustrating bias.

The immediate products of this working group are the PCMI Problems, the mentoring pairings, and the Fathom activities. Future products of this group in the upcoming school year are to be the discussion support group and the mentoring pairs. Possible outcomes may be a publishable package of student activity sheets, incorporating Fathom, that support the Navigations' activities, a PCMI presentation at a state or national teacher conference using these activities, or a piece of scholarly research exploring the outcomes of the mentoring pairs using the PCMI problem.

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