Using Paint to Upload Graphics (PC)
These are directions to use for a PC (see Clip2Gif for a Macintosh)

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To attach a graph created in Fathom to your problem solution, please do the following:

  • In your Fathom document: Select the graph and choose Copy Picture from the Edit menu.
  • Open Paint (found in accessories in the programs menu of a PC)
  • Choose Paste from the Edit menu. (Graph will appear on the screen)
  • Select Save from the file menu.
  • Give your picture a name and select Graphics Interchange Format [gif] as the file format.
  • Save.

Answer your problem.
After the CC section there is a place to add graphics.
For image type select: gif.
Browse: use this to select the location where your picture is saved.

Once this has been completed, submit your response.

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