Directions for Graphlink (Mac)

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To save programs, lists, screen pictures, etc. from a TI-8X graphing calculator to the computer follow these guidelines:

Important note! The GRAPHLINK software is free, but you will need a graphlink cable, not the little black cable that comes with the calculator. They are available for serial port or USB port from TI or local vendors worldwide under $50.

First, download Graphlink software from the TI website.
Follow their directions for download.
FYI, downloads are available for Mac or Windows in several foreign languages. Complete user instructions are included in the download.

Once the download is complete, follow the instructions to capture screen graphics, windows, lists, programs, on the screen. These pictures can then be pasted into other documents. To attach them to a PCMI problem for submission, they will have to be converted using Clip2Gif.

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