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Friday, July 12, 2002

Beverly reported on the book she is reading, "A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper," which is very interesting as it contains individual vignettes which discuss the mathematics behind real-life, everyday events.

Pat and Cheryl have already submitted their PCMI Problem, and Suzanne has posted it. Carol and David H. have decided on a topic, Beverly and David K. are still not firm on a topic, and Marie needs to wait for confirmation from Lynette on their geometry problem. Timelines and parameters are being decided by the individual pairs.

Carol suggested that directions for the Rectangle and Discrimination problems be written up and posted on our site. She also wants us to read Chapter Three in Gail's book for Monday.

Beverly announced that all Working Groups will be making 15 minute presentations on what they have been working on next Thursday from 3:15- 4:30 pm.

We then went to the lab to work on the Card Simulation / Discrimination problem in FATHOM. (Carol gave us a hint that there was more than one way to make it work!) The "if-then" and "switch" statements were investigated heavily.

**** Major re-discovery: Use the "Help" feature when trying to learn a new trick (Bill Finzer did emphasize this fact wholeheartedly last year!)

Beverly has found 2 new web sites that need to be added to our web links. The first one lists the topics required for the Grade 11 curriculum in Ontario, including functions, complex numbers, personal finance, trigonometry and conics:

The second one includes materials to implement the Grades 9 and 10 curriculum in Ontario, including linear and quadratic functions.

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