Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Summary

Monday, July 15, 2002

We began our last week by welcoming Shelly Berman (who we expect to be a valuable resource person with FATHOM and the PCMI Problem) to our group. He shared what he did at the Key Curriculum seminar on FATHOM. The main purpose of the seminar was to show how to use FATHOM with students who are enrolled in math courses up to and including Algebra 2. Shelly stressed that we need to take what mathematical concepts we are trying to teach and think how FATHOM can help us accomplish this. Shelly also showed us how to capture a screen shot on the Mac (Shift+Apple+4).

Carol announced that Bill Finzer was back from Africa and again available to answer our questions.

It was suggested that we all try to send a solution to the PCMI Problem as a "dummy" student to see if the glitch has been worked out and we are allowed to "submit".

The format for Thursday is that we need to give a 15-minute report on what we have been working on these past two weeks. We also need to write up an "abstract" of our Data group "product" that can be put on our working group page to summarize our activities. Patricia offered to write up a draft that we can work from.

Annie Fetter has replied to Patricia and Cheryl's PCMI Problems with questions and suggestions that they can use to possibly revise their problems. They have sent some suggestions to Annie and are awaiting her response.

Beverly handed us a Cereal Box Problem that she uses in the lower grades simulating how many boxes of cereal you expect to buy to collect all 'x' prizes.

Gail has given us permission to write up lesson plans to simulate any activities in her document. We will possibly work on the "Discrimination" case and the "Random Rectangles" activity.

A question was raised on the possibility of PCMI support if we write up our FATHOM activities and present them at NCTM in 2004. Carol believes there is no guarantee, but will check into it.

Carol also suggested that we explore Sonata 17: Sequences of Squares on page 171 in the Data in Depth book, which is not data oriented but rather algebra/function oriented.

We then broke up in pairs to work on our PCMI Problems, the Chapter Three Simulation problem or the Cereal Box problem that Beverly distributed to all of us.

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