Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Summary

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

We started the day with an in-depth discussion on the "No Child Left Behind" Act, individual state standards, testing requirements and expected outcomes.

Beverly gave us inforation on how to receive a copy of the book which she co-authored, "Mathematics of Data Management." She will post the directions to the Discussion site.

Suzanne has "cleaned up" the Mac and PC directions part of our Data working group page. It looks wonderful! We are still deciding if anything else needing directions should be put there. Carol will email Bill Finzer to inquire whether FATHOM is able to accept a list from the graphing calculators.

We have asked Suzanne to Spam all of us ASAP so that we can redo the PCMI Problem set-up from the beginning. We also decided that it would be good to keep all of the problems visible for an entire semester, since even though we are teaching common topics, we are teaching them at different times. It was also suggested to see if it is possible to create a 'Name of Problem' link at the top of the PCMI Problem page so we can automatically go to the problem we are choosing.

Beverly will send Suzanne a copy of the 'Cereal' problem, after she returns home, to be placed on the data working group page.

Patricia revised the 'Abstract',and after our 15-minute presentation on Thursday, it will be sent to Suzanne for posting.

We are still having a problem trying to set up a stratified random sample using FATHOM. We are awaiting a response from Bill Finzer.

Gail received questions on the computed value of the standard deviation of the Random Rectangles problem in her book. It is different from some of our calculations. She will look into it.

A lengthy discussion followed on our presentation for Thursday. Preparations are under way.

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