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The customized PCMIProblem will be introduced as an online environment that supports continued interaction between HSTP teachers and the coordinators of the working group. It will be developed into an online environment for students to support the application of mathematical topics from the summer program.

The benefits include having teachers:

  1. engaged in rigorous mathematical learning. Problems for HSTP participants: The high school teachers will work through problems posed by the coordinator and assistant coordinator possibly before arriving in Park City and certainly during the Summer Session. They will experience the mentoring process, having the opportunity to work through the submission, response, and revision process. During the year continued interaction will enable the deepening and reinforcing of the summer content. PCMIProblems will be written for and used by students as the teachers continue to extend their mathematical learning and share the content with their students.

  2. reflecting on and the analysis of classroom practice. Teachers using the PCMIProblem with their students will have the opportunity to reflect on student mathematical thinking and analyze mathematical content and pedagogy using the PCMI Discussion list.

  3. becoming a resource to colleagues and the profession. Eventually if the PCMIProblem is opened to colleagues at the participant's schools this will widen the use of the resource. Also, as the problems are developed, they can be kept as archives open to the public. (This would be a goal for future years but probably not the first year of implementation.)

Development of supporting web pages for the mathematics being investigated will be available on the PCMI@Math Forum site. The PCMI Discussion site will be used alongside the Problem environment as an area where teachers can discuss the development of problems and how they use them with their students.

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