Geometrical Concepts from Constructions, Models, and Investigations Summary

Monday, July 15, 2002

We checked in to see how all of the projects are coming along.

Jerry, Sue, and Marilyn have gotten a lot of responses to their posting on the discussion group and their article is getting close to being complete. Jerry encouraged all of us in the Geometry group to respond to their call for questions.

Steve had a question about Microsoft Word and why equation editor wasn't installed on the computers. Jim is going to check to see if he has a disk that has it. Steve also was concerned about how much background information to include. In other words, should his audience be high school teachers in our number theory class, high school teachers in general, or students? We thought high school teachers in general would be appropriate.

All of us were encouraged to put our stuff in the Geometry Working Group folder under the Shared server. We'll each take home a CD with files from the 3 weeks.

Joyce and Peg are making progress on their Rhombic Dodecahedron space filling article but had some questions about pasting pictures and text wrapping. Thank goodness for help from our group.

Celeste is continuting with space packing circles (Jim dubbed them "Celestial circles"). She found an article about the discovery originating from a mathematician trying to answer questions from a son's geometry assignment who extended the problem to more than three circles. She has found several articles on the subject which contain some pretty high level mathematics. Jim is going to help her construct the circles in Geometer's Sketchpad.

Troy is reworking his project from last year and will be putting all of it in the shared Geometry folder.

On Thursday we will be sharing a short abstract (paragraph) during the 3:15 to 5:30 time slot. We will post these abstracts on the web and have links from those to the actual projects (or products). These projects will then be reviewed and edited for mathematical and pedigogical accuracy and then published through the Institute For Advanced Study.

We talked about two useful books to read and then adjourned to the computer lab to work. The books are:
    Journey Into Geometries by Sved
    Excursions in Geometry by Ogilvy

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