Geometrical Concepts from Constructions, Models, and Investigations Summary

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Jim checked in with all five of our groups to see how things were coming along.

Steve has a draft of part 2 of his paper ready for suggestions and brought in 6 copies to distribute. He's decided to add a part 1 background information page so that his project will appeal to a larger audience of teachers, filling in some points that will make his topic more clear for people without the background of those in our Number Theory class.

Terry, Sue, and Marilyn are getting the cup problem finished up and have incorporated everyones additions and suggestions.

Troy is adding student and teacher pages to his project and is working with Jim to add a Java applet so that his project can include a dynamic Sketchpad element.

Joyce and Peg have added origami type sketches and pictures to help explain the steps in their paper and will be adding digital photos of the puzzles as well.

Jim worked with the groups taking digital photos to add to the projects.

We spent most of the time today working on completing our projects in order to be ready to present them to the High School Teachers' Group on Thursday.

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