PCMI Japanese Lesson Study Workgroup

Problems With A Point Website
This is a source we used to find problems. Our problem, Beep Me Home, Momma! is derived from a problem entitled, "Don't Fence Me In" on the Website. The problem is also found in the Advanced High School Assessment book in the Balanced Assessment series from Dale Seymour.

Lesson Study Research Group at Columbia
This site is very useful – it has many tools that are useful, including this lesson template and protocols for observing and debriefing the lesson.

Catherine Lewis's Lesson Study Site
Catherine Lewis is well-known for her work with lesson research and lesson study!

Various Readings on Lesson Study

Currents newsletter online, Vol 5, No 2, Spring 2002

Northwest Teacher Magazine issue on Lesson Study

"A lesson is like a swiftly flowing river" by Catherine C. Lewis and Ineko Tsuchida, from American Educator

"Lesson study in elementary school mathematics in Japan: A Case Study" by Makoto Yoshida
(A paper presented at the Americal Educational Research Association 1999 Annual Meeting)

"Aspects of Mathematics Teacher Education in Japan: focusing on teachers' roles" by Toshinori Shimizu (Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 2: 107-116, 1999)