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Origami - Peg, Art, David K.

Peg Cagle
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Art Mabbott
To make this model, you will need to build 30 units (5 of six colors with 3 colors at each vertex). ╩The shape will be an open weaved dodecahedron with ribbons in the six colors. ╩It is very stable once you get it all put together but requires multiple hands early in the process. ╩You will need to continually press the model towards its center. ╩I have been looking for a model and a reference but can't find one. ╩There is a picture in one of the unit origami books but no instructions or pictures. ╩


David Kapolka
On the first origami night I taught the whole group how to make origami flowers similar to the ones that decorated the Natural History Museum in NYC. Members of Origami USA are asked to send ornaments there each year to decorate holiday trees and distribute to visitors. We also worked on making flying gyroscopes and stellated icosahedrons as in the photo. The one in the photo below is made from 1 inch paper requiring 30 paper sheets and the use of tweezers to assemble!

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