Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Summary

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

We did not go to the computer lab today, but rather stayed in our classroom and looked at various probes for the TI-83 Plus and how to import data and manipulate it. We found some regression curves by hand and used features of the calculator to find others. The probes we used were the microphone to import data from a tuning fork that modeled a cosine curve, the pressure sensor that modeled a power curve, and the heart rate monitor. Then we talked about several ways to use these probes and the mathematical discussions and topics we might be able to address.

We also looked at using dynamic functions built on Geometer's Sketchpad to fit a mathematical model to quadratic behavior such as a projectile or the path of a stream of water, and a standing sine curve generated by a rope and captured as a digital picture and imported as a graphic into Sketchpad.

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