Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Summary

Monday, July 7, 2003

Today Marla worked on Fathom tutorials. John decided to take a look at the work that this group did last year. He examined the Fathom activity Biased Rectangles and decided to work on supplementing it so that it would be ready to be submitted to the referees as part of the review process. David K. helped others work on Fathom expertise and decided on a simulation for his own benefit. The problem is a simulation to model the probability of a family having a specified number of children.

Problem: A husband and wife want to have a boy to pass on the family name. However, due to financial and medical concerns, they do not want to have more than 3 children. Using Fathom, write a simulation to model the probability that the family will have one boy.

The solution will run several samples so as to keep track of the expected family size and the expected probability of having a boy. There will be a worksheet and explanation to solve the problem with TI-83.

Joe & Jeff created a Fathom activity which connects the quadratic relationship between slope and residuals for a Least Squares Regression Line. Dave H. and Troy worked on the tutorials 5 and 6 that Carol handed out.

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