Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability Summary

Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Marla decided to work on least-squares linear regression using Fathom for a lesson that she used last year in Algebra I. The lesson incorporated the TI-83 however she is revamping it to now include Fathom instead. The problem involves the Olympic 100m freestyle event for both women and men.

John worked on the introduction and setting for Biased Rectangles. His goal is to make sure that the activity is understandable for readers who don't have access to Fathom. He hopes to relate it to the Johnny Lott/Gail Burrill book.

David K. worked on his simulation problem. Jeff and Joe continued with their activity. They also explored 50 Fathom demos, especially those relating to their project. (They also played around with the relationship between z-scores and data on Fathom.) Dave H. worked with Jeff Reinhardt's worksheet "Monte Carlo Problems" using Fathom. And Troy worked through several tutorials on Fathom to learn more about features of the software.

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