Geometrical Concepts from Constructions, Models, and Investigations Summary

Monday, June 30, 2003

We discussed where each member was in their teaching and what curriculum each was using.

Then we posed the question:
Using Geometer Sketchpad (GSP) as a tool, what would you like to learn more about in Geometry?

Responses are listed below:

Dilation---covering and surrounding (CMP curriculum) Connected Mathematics Program
Orchard Hideout------(Using circles) (IMP curriculum) Interactive Mathematics Program
More Pythagorean Proofs using Sketchpad
Geometry that can lead to and be used in Calculus
Non-Euclidian Geometry
Max/Min problems
3-D geometry

Overarching Question:
What Geometry is important for future use, such as in calculus?

Since the skill level/familiarity with using GSP varied from novice to expert within our group, we then adjourned to the computer lab and became reacquainted with GSP.

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