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  1. Suppose the figure you created in class is a set of stairs. How many people can fit on each stair if 15 people fit on the top stair?

  3. There is a rule which states that your height at age 2 is 1/2 your adult height.
    1. How would you expect your weight to change over the same period?
    2. If you want your weight to double from age 2 to adult, how would you expect your height to change? Does this seem reasonable?

  5. Suppose that each dimension of a figure is scaled with a different scale factor. Without actually doing extensive computation, can you predict the relationship between the volume of the original figure and the scaled figure?

  7. Describe examples of scaling you find in your world. You may want to consider examples from architecture, literature, toys, film, science, etc.

    Here is a web site where you can manipulate the Tower of Hanoi. Check this out:

    There are two members of the Northwest Mathematics Interaction, a PCMI affiliate group, which have web sites with bits on this fractal and/or the Tower of Hanoi. They are:

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