Japanese Lesson Study Summary

Monday, July 14, 2003

Today was a very exciting day. Jill had the directions for the beginning of our lesson written up with some editing help from Jennifer. Joyce ran off copies of the homework assignment for our high school volunteers in case we needed extra work during the lesson time. We also hope that the teachers will give us any feedback they have on the problems. For our practice lesson today, each of us had a role. Jerry was the timer, Tony observed several students, Joyce took notes of where the math appeared and when the key statements were made, Gail took copious notes, Jill checked to see if we had the correct level of difficulty, Jennifer took notes on how we could improve the questions and better anticipate student responses, and Celeste taught the lesson.

We were very pleased at how the lesson went. Tomorrow we will be debriefing and anlyzing the lesson in more detail. We taught the lesson to 13 teachers who had to give up half an hour of their lunch and half an hour of their working group time, so we were very thankful for their help. They were absolutely model students and we learned a lot from the experience. It was amazing how well our lesson flowed and how good we felt about the time we had invested in creating a quality lesson.

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