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Getting Projects Ready

The abstract to the working groups' page with links to the manuscript draft will be posted on the Project Abstract page.

Submit Abstract
Send in email to Suzanne by Thursday noon.
The text of the abstract can be send in an email message or as an attached MS Word document.
Submit Manuscript Draft
Send in email to Suzanne by 6:00 pm Thursday.
The files should be named using the following protocol:
    Example: wgg.cagle.rhombic.doc
        wgg = working group geometry
        cagle = contact author's last name
        rhombic = abbreviation of the title of the project
NOTE: wgd (working group data); wgl (working group lesson); wgf (working group function); wgc (working group combinatorics)
Please make sure to include the name of your project, the author(s), and references if appropriate. (very important)
The manuscript should be saved as a MS WORD or PDF file.
If your project documents include mathematical notation (Equation Editor or Math Type generated text or symbols), please be aware that the notation may not be visible if another person opens the file using a different type of computer. If you save the document as a PDF file (to ensure the notation is readable) please keep a copy of the MS Word file that you used originally so that when you are ready to make edits, you have it available.
The activity should have a header containing the words:
Draft                       Draft                      Draft
The activity should have a footer with the words:
Institute for Advanced Study Park City Mathematics Institute		Summer 2004
High School Teachers Program/Your Working Group

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