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July 14 NCTM Advocacy - Peg Cagle

NCTM Advocacy The Advocacy Toolkit is available to NCTM members on request through Customer Service at (800) 235-7566.

July 15 ON-Math - John Mahoney

Online Journal of School Mathematics NCTM's new online-only school journal presents ideas for teaching and learning mathematics at all grade levels.

July 16 Magnetix - Mike Holsten

The geometry model kits are available from:
   Magnetix (at Walmart $18)
   For the kits Remy uses, the site is
Remy and Mike would be happy to follow up with anyone who has additional questions.

July 16 Palm OS (Zire 71) - Mike Holsten

Mike listed a variety of uses of his Zire 71. For information on using Palms, a good site is and there is a link under hot links on the left of the screen to Reta Palm Site. This is a rich site in personal and educational uses. Mike would be happy to follow up with anyone on Palm use.

July 20 Maple TA - Calvin Armstrong

Calvin shared the technology available at his test site of Maple TA. If interested in more information go to Cal's site to download his PowerPoint:

July 22 Robots - Kyle Barriger

I have been advising our robotics team for the last two years. I have found that this is a great way for students that are interested in math and science related activities to have fun and learn about meaningful uses of technology. All the work we have done is Lego based. This eliminates the work involved in building a product from scratch and the students get just as good an idea of the hardware and software issues involved in building a robot to perform specific functions. Both of the competitions we participate in are Lego based as well. Our middle school students participate in First Lego League. You can find more information on this at:
Our upper school students participate in Botball. Botball is different from First Lego League in that the tasks are much more complex and you are actually competing against another robot. More information on Botball can be found at:
Feel free to contact me if you need more information or resources to help your team.

July 22 CMP Big Picture - Art Mabbott

Art showed us his CMP Big Picture site. The link is on the right hand side titled: To find copies of the Unit Organizers for CMP click here.

July 23 NCTM - Cathy Seeley

Cathy Seeley, NCTM President, talked to the group about NCTM. If you are not a current member, you can find information online.

July 26 The Number Devil - Beverly Farahani

Bev recommended a book that she uses with her seniors. It's The Number Devil by Hans Magnus Enzensberger. At you can use their "look inside" feature to get a preview of the book.

July 26 Set Game - Gene Shiau

Gene introduced the group to the Set game A shortcut to the daily puzzle is here:

July 26 Math Tree - Rey Jope

Rey read a quote from Dan Kennedy's article, Climbing Around on the Tree of Mathematics. The full reference is:
Kennedy, D. (1995). "Climbing Around on the Tree of Mathematics" Mathematics Teacher. September. pp.460-465. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

July 27 PCMI@MathForum - Suzanne Alejandre

Summary: Suzanne pointed out some additional pages that have been added to the Summer 2004 area of the site:
    2004 Photos
    Project Abstracts

July 27 Web Sites - Warren Block

Summary: Warren showed a variety of Java applets and accompanying lessons.
    Water Fountain Describe the Squirt
    Neat Resources -
    Directions for making your own - Frank Wattenberg - Lite Applets
    Volume of a Vase
    Site of our project-other results
    Modifications made by Warren
    Math problems

July 28 Sketchpad - Jim King

Summary: Jim showed a way of using Sketchpad with students that is a little different than how we usually think of it.
Sketchpad Activities for Young Learners: Grades 3-5 - Nathalie Sinclair
Cataloged in Math Tools:
    Jump Along
    Grouping I and II

July 28 Books - Calvin Armstrong

Summary: Cal recommended some good books. He posted links to them on his website:

July 29 Making PDF files - Cal and Suzanne

Summary: Participant projects that involve a lot of mathematics notation are sometimes shared more reliably as PDF files. ALWAYS keep a copy of your original file for editing but here are some tips to generate PDF files using either a PC or a Mac.
    PDF Printer Software for Windows
    Save As PDF an option when you print if you use Mac OS X
    PrintToPDF - shareware for Mac OS 9

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