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Finalizing Working Group Projects
  1. Prior to leaving PCMI, the Project Status Sheet available on line at should be emailed to the Working Group Coordinator. The Working Group Coordinator may also give specific instructions to their particular working group. If your project documents include mathematical notation (Equation Editor or Math Type generated text or symbols), please provide a print copy to your Working Group Coordinator.

  2. Field tested/finished project should be sent electronically to the Working Group Coordinator, who will forward the project to the Project Coordinator. Submitted project should include the Author Template, available at

  3. The Project Coordinator will send the project to mathematicians /statisticians/physicists (as appropriate) and teachers for blind review using the Activities Review Sheet.

  4. Once an adequate number of reviews are returned to the Project Coordinator, the reviews will be forwarded to the Working Group Coordinator. (This step may take some time, depending on the promptness of the reviewers.)

  5. The Working Group Coordinator will contact the working group team with the results of the reviews and suggestions for changes and a time line for making the changes. It is important to note here that all of the suggestions for revision should be considered but not necessarily implemented unless they have to do with the accuracy of the mathematics, references, grammar, etc. or with concerns about the level or acceptance for teachers. It is perfectly reasonable to reject suggestions to enlarge the article because of interesting mathematics or an extension that might not be relevant or appropriate for the audience. This may be negotiated with the Working Group Coordinator.

  6. Once the project is declared finished by the authoring team, the final project and the Author Template should be sent to the Working Group Coordinator, who will check to see that the suggestions for change were addressed. The Working Group Coordinator will forward the documents to the Project Coordinator, indicating that the changes recommended by the reviewers have been considered in the revision process.

  7. The Project Coordinator will give the project a last edit to ensure consistency in notation, references, etc. and send it to the PCMI Web Consultant. Working with the Project Coordinator, the Web Consultant will put the final project in the public space on the PCMI website.

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