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Reflection on Practice Class: Day 3
Akihiko Takahashi

Aki introduced us to our task for the rest of the week. Each group was to create an open ended problem using a 7 X 7 geoboard. We discussed ideas for the problem on Day 3 and on Day 4 each group came to an agreement on the problem that they would present. We spent Day 4 designing the poster presentation. The criteria that we were asked to keep in mind were:

  1. Determine if the problem is appropriate
    1. Is the problem rich in mathematical content and valuable mathematically?
    2. Is the mathematical level of the problem appropriate or the students?
    3. Does the problem include some mathematical features that lead to further mathematical development?
  2. Anticipating students' responses to design a lesson.
  3. Making the purpose of using the problem clear.
  4. Make the problem as attractive as possible.

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