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June 27 5-minute madness presentation - Jim King

View Jim's QuickTime movie on the acronyms you'll hear as an SSTP participant.
[Note: This is a very large file. Wait while it loads and then click on the screen to advance it. Be patient. It should work!]

June 29 Tour - Carol Hattan

Carol gave a brief overview of the PCMI@MathForum site using the Getting Started page.

June 30 Problem - Andrew Bernoff

Andrew posed a Problem.

July 1 Figure This! - Gail Burrill

Gail gave a brief overview of NCTM's Figure This! site.

July 6 Fractals - Connie Savoie

Connie talked about Really Big Math! [download PowerPoint file]

July 7 Cabri 3D - Steve Phelps

Steve talked about Cabri 3D

July 8 Set - Ruth Brocklebank

Ruth talked about Set

July 11 Hands-on Hyperbolic - Peg Cagle

Peg talked about the work she is involved with developing a series of hands-on constructions and investigations on the hyperbolic plane.

July 11 Tinkerplots - Beverly Farahani

Beverly talked about Tinkerplots

July 12 Hebrew Calendar - Ellie Schweber

Ellie talked about the Hebrew Calendar.

July 13 Math Tools - Art Mabbott

Art gave a tour of Math Tools, an online community library at the Math Forum.

July 14 Whiteboard Movies - Cal Armstrong

Cal showed how to use screen capture software to create tutorials or to show worked solutions to problems and provided links.

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