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Build It!
Judy Ruehl

Changing the Dimensions of Rectangle Prisms and analyzing ratios/scale factors of the dimensions and volumes using Cuisenaire Rods and Isometric grid paper.

Build it with Cabri 3D
Melissa Garza and Josue Martinez

An extension to the Build it group activity using Cabri 3D to construct the computer aided representations of the Cuisenaire rods. The activity will guide students in the construction of a one unit rod which in turn will allow them to construct the remaining Cuisenaire rods. This activity will require some basic understanding of the Cabri 3D software. There is a link provided to review the common tools and their functions. The students should also have some elementary understanding of geometry concepts such as parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.

Build It As A Group
Ginny Burton and Kelly Butler

[description forthcoming]

Description of words used in the dimensional analysis activities
David Michael Fisher

A document clarifying the relevant vocabulary necessary to develop the mathematical terminology used to describe the exploration of dimensional proportions.

Explorations of Polyhedra with Equilateral Triangular Faces
Michael Raven, Jim Greene, Theresa Simmons, and Darryl Yong

Most students encounter polyhedra from time to time in their studies, but usually somewhat tangentially: perhaps as examples, or in conjunction with applications of various sorts. This project inverts the usual situation. A select group of polyhedra (not all of them regular) becomes a foundation, or base camp, for exploration into a mountain of topics. These topics fall into four broad categories: model construction, graph theory, metric properties (length, area, volume), and coordinate geometry. By grounding these explorations in a common foundation, students can more easily see how they relate.

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