PDO/Supervisors Summary

Friday, July 1 2005

Who are we and where are we going?

PDO/Supervisor Working Group

  • Funded PDOs
  • Alumni PDOs
  • PCMI attendees interested in PDOs
    • Supervisor
    • University
    • Teacher?

Working Group Objectives

  • Support attendees that are interested in PDOs
  • Continued PD for PDOs (including outreach)
    • Outreach - PD for teachers
    • i.e. Lesson Study, Effective PD, Cognitive
  • Networking with each other and with SSTP

Suggestions for continuing PDO/Math Supervisors

Provide opportunities to visit other working groups.

Provide a topic for the working group's focus each year.

Participate in morning sessions with SSTP group.

Create a more flexible meeting schedule. Possibly Monday 1-3, Tuesday visit other working groups, Wednesday 1-3, Thursday, Friday Flexible, possibly even in the morning or 4:30 - 6:00 p.m. Possibly supervisors would meet separate from PDO leaders for one or two meetings and come back together and share.

Address issues as they bubble up from the group.

Recommend continued dialogue through a listserve for PDO/Math Supervisor Group within the PCMI format but separate from SSTP. Approved by Herb Clemens, Jim King and Gail Burrill at the 4:30 meeting.

Where does being a supervisor of teacher preparation programs fit into this working group? Or does it? Maybe it needs to be part of a different group.

Have we addressed the initial question "What structures will support the professional development of teachers participating in PDO sites so that they have the capacity and motivation to deliver purposeful professional development to their peers locally, regionally and state wide?"

Herb's visit was helpful. His discussion about what is happening in other PDO groups and the different needs they meet gave insight to the group.

The January PDO meeting provides an opportunity for PDOs to report on their activities.

The discussion this week on funding issues and structures helped address the initial question as well.

Some PDOs are formed from PCMI participants only, others PDOs are formed and then members come to PCMI or in some cases they are a member of the PDO but have not had the PCMI experience.

How do we build connections with supervisors?

Sharing of Resources
"Making Sense teaching and learning mathematics with understanding" by James Hiebert, Tom Carpenter, et al, published by Heinemann

Ohio Department of Education used this as a book study with new mathematics supervisors. This book helps to broaden secondary perspectives to K-12 education.

Thomas Carpenter has another book that emphasizes algebraic understanding in the early grades that Anne recommends as well.

"Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics" by Liping Ma.

John Van De Walle's textbook for elementary teachers was also recommended.

Visit PCMI website through the eyes of a supervisor or PDO leader. Recommend changes.
Update the program description by November 1, 2005
Establish listserve within PCMI web format for PDO/Supervisor working group.

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