PDO/Supervisors Summary

Monday, June 27, 2005

  • How do we grow more PDO groups?
  • Recruitment
  • Engagement of high school teachers
  • Research that supports standards-based curricula
  • Partnerships
    • Launch
    • Sustain/growth
    • Outreach
    • Benefits
      • STEM
      • Higher Ed
      • Districts
  • Funding
  • Mathematics teachers' knowledge
  • Open-Ended Approach
  • Professional Development Design
    • Engage/sustainable
    • Policies
    • Accountability
  • Characteristics of Effective PD
  • Lesson Study
    • Sustainability
  • Administration (Lenses on Learning)
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Principals
  • Update the PCMI PDO webpages

PDO's currently provide:
Summer Institutes
Speakers, sessions at conferences
Lesson Study
Public Lectures
Monthly meetings
In-house workshops
In-services for local districts
Attendees at PCMI

Bring questions about Lesson Study for Aki to address
Read Ch1 & 3 from 11:00 session handout
Brainstorm list of research resources supporting standards-based

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