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Problem Solving in the Classroom

Problems of the Week Process
What might using problem solving prompts in your classroom look like? Here are some step-by-step suggestions to consider.
Problem Solving Strategies List
Do you find that your students need some ideas about different strategies to use to approach a problem? Here is a list to use with them.
Getting Unstuck
Are your students trying to solve problems, but are often unsure what to do next? Here are some things you can suggest they try to help them get going.
Scoring Guide
The long term goal for responses to the Problems of the Week is a combination of good problem solving and strong mathematical communication. We use a 4 point rubric in six different areas including interpretation, strategy, accuracy, completeness, clarity, and reflection.
Scoring Grids
These PDF files can be viewed which give details about how the problems are scored in the six different areas. They are general to each of the following levels:
      Math Fundamentals
Trenton MATRIX Grant
GSP Aligned to Connected Mathematics: Grade 6 || Grade 7 || Grade 8
PoWs Aligned to Connected Mathematics: Grade 6 || Grade 7 || Grade 8
The Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoWs)
Current Problems
Active Problem Library
Free 21-day trial accounts are available. It gives you 21 days access to the Current Problems and also allows you to view 5 problems from the Active Problem Library.
Teacher Membership -- $25.00 a year
Class Membership with Teacher Account -- $89.00 a year
For more information or school/district membership information, call: 1-800-756-7823

The Math Forum @ Drexel Handouts

The links below are to printed matter that the Math Forum staff distributed at the booth at NCSM and NCTM in St. Louis in PDF format.

About the Math Forum - generalflyer.pdf
Current PoWs
The problems that were "current" at NCTM, with the accompanying rubric and abbreviated Teacher Suppport page on the back:
    Math Fundamentals: funpow
    Pre-Algebra: prealgpow
    Algebra: algpow
    Geometry: geopow
PoW Process and Scoring Guidelines - processrubric.pdf
Fractal Logo Handout - fractallogo.pdf
Dr. Math Books - drmath.handout.pdf
NSDL Workshops - nsdl.pdf
VMT - vmt.pdf
PowerPoint Presentation - Math Forum-2006-final.ppt
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