PCMI, Summer 2006
Secondary School Teacher Program

The Sands of Time
by Troy Jones

Troy Jones is the "Tech Guy" who runs the technology for the Secondary School Teachers Program, but secretly, Troy harbors an interest, nay a passion (his wife would describe it as an obsession), for things geometrical. He is constantly looking for connections between the real world and geometry.

Naturally, Troy would do a presentation on SAND and SALT. He was born and raised in SALT Lake City, has swam many times in the Great SALT Lake, has ran on the Bonneville SALT flats where many world land speed records have been set, and uses rock SALT to melt the ice and snow off his driveway in the winter.

He grew up with two younger brothers, and spent countless hours digging holes in the dirt and playing in SAND piles. He ran track and field in elementary, junior high, high school, and college, where he specialized in, none other than long jump, where each landing deposited SAND in his shoes, socks, hair, ears, and teeth.

Yes, Troy has known SAND and SALT. Troy teaches middle and upper school at the Waterford School in SANDY, Utah, a suburb of SALT Lake City. Although he spends much time contemplating the mathematics in the world around him, his first love is his family. He was lucky to convince Cindy to marry him, and they are the parents of three lovely daughters and one son, who is just beginning to discover the joys of SALT and SAND.

Troy's Files

Larson, Boswell, Kanold, and Stiff Algebra 2: McDougal Littell, 2004. pp. 487 and 489.

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