Teacher Professional Continuum Summary

Monday - Friday, June 26 - June 30, 2006

The Teacher Professional Continuum group is working to create the necessary document to allow the materials used during the morning session to be implemented as professional development for teachers in a variety of settings other than PCMI.

The initial meeting on Monday focused on clarifying the vision for the end product as defined by EDC. Sarah Sword, Bowen Kerins and Ben Sinwell met with the participants to answer our many questions about how the materials were to be used, how and when they would be published and disseminated, the amount that the problem sets would be edited, the amount of exposition to be included either in the problem sets or the facilitator's guide. It was decided that the additional materials might reasonably be organized into three categories; facilitator's notes which look ahead to the work of each problem set, facilitator's journal which looks back at the implementation and participant's journal to give a glimpse into the experience of the learner.

The six participants divided into pairs to write each of the sections. John and Judy are working on the facilitator's journal, Arnell and Alan are working on the participant's journal and Cathy and Peg are working on the facilitator's notes.

On Tuesday, Al Cuoco and Wayne Harvey also joined the group. Unfortunately, we also learned that Sarah would not be able to stay at PCMI but they would be available to us through email. The discussion further clarified the role of the working group and EDC's view of our commitment to the project.

On Thursday, John took over the role of facilitator and we began to focus on producing first drafts of the three parts. We also received the proposal which EDC had submitted to the NSF for funding of this project.

On Friday, we were joined by Gail Burrill and looked over the materials that had been produced for days one and two. Gail, Bowen and Ben offered both general and specific suggestions for refining the overall structure, tone and content of all three sections. Bowen also gave out copies of EDC's publication "Ways to Think About Mathematics" and one copy of the companion facilitator's guide. The group agreed to have their sections through day six to discuss collectively on Wednesday, July 5. We will meet in pairs during the working group time on Monday and will keep in touch via email. Ben and Bowen reiterated that they would be available to us via cell phone throughout the weekend if we have questions.

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