PCMI, Summer 2008
Secondary School Teacher Program

How to Post to the PCMI Discussions

Here are some quick instructions on how to initiate a post on the PCMI Discussions. Consider printing this page once you are home.
1. How do I find the link to PCMI Discussions?
Type this in your browser: http://mathforum.org/pcmi/
Select Secondary School Teachers Program
Select 2008 SSTP Working Site
Select Discussions it's near the bottom under username/password required
You should be on a page that looks like this:
2. How do I login? Is it the same as the username/password we ALL use to view any of the PCMI private pages?

Each PCMI participant (current and former) has a unique login because that way when you post, your name is connected to what you wrote. Thinking of this might help explain the generic login vs. the individual login.

If you are new to PCMI this year (2008), your username/password is probably your email address and the password that we all know. If you're not sure, just email me and I'm happy to help.

3. How do I respond to a post?

If you are using the URL in the email that arrived, then after you login, you'll be on the page with that post. After reading it just use the "Reply to this message" link. Type your reply and submit.

If you have used the sidebar link to the PCMI Discussions, look through the threads viewing the Topics and/or the Authors and then reply.


4. Can just anyone see my post?
Please realize that this is a private discussion area. All of the current 2008 PCMI SSTP participants have access and also all of the past (2001-2007) participants have access. The general public does not have access to this list. It is a closed discussion area.
5. How can I find out more about using the Discussion area?
In the upper left corner of the page, you should see these links:


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