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Here are articles for you to use for your 11 o'clock hour projects. Nicole will be leading the first week of Reflections on Practice and would like you to read before arriving in Park City:

Note: username/password is required to access PDF links

1. The Secret Garden of Teacher Education
by Suzanne M. Wilson
SecretGarden_pp204to209.pdf [PDF format]
2. The Teaching Gap: Chapter 7: Beyond Reform: Japan's Approach to the Improvement of Classroom Teaching
by James W. Stigler and James Hiebert
Stigler1999.pdf [PDF format]

Gail would like you to read for the start of the second week.

3. Chapter 10: Using Lesson Study to Develop Effective Blackboard Practices
by Makoto Yoshida
chapter10Lesson_study.pdf [PDF format]

Here are some additional suggestions:

Chapter 3: For Teachers: Planning and Writing a Research Lesson
by Akihiko Takahashi
chapter3lesson_study.pdf [PDF format]
Mathematics for Teaching Progress Guidelines for PROMYS for Teachers
PROMYS_Rubric.pdf [PDF format]
Mathematical Understanding: An Introduction
by Karen C. Fuson, Mindy Kalchman, and John D. Bransford
MathUnderstanding.pdf [PDF format]
Improving Mathematics Teaching
by James W. Stigler and James Hiebert
Hiebert.ImprovingMathteaching.2004b.pdf [PDF format]

Unless otherwise indicated all of these materials are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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