Reasoning from Data and Chance Summary

Monday - Friday, July 7 - 11, 2008

Teachers in the Working with Data and Chance group introduced themselves and shared their experiences working with data in the classroom and working with Fathom™, a statistical software program used to understand statistics and data-driven mathematics. The first day was only one hour due to the governor's speech.

The Data group spent Tuesday and Thursday exploring Fathom™ constructing a data set through a table, dot plot with a single variable, histogram, boxplot, scatter plot with 2 variables, line of best fit, plotting a line from a function, making and using sliders, and adding data.

Teachers also discussed how different sampling methods behave by completing the Biased Rectangles activity, found on the PCMI website. They also were introduced to simulation.

On Friday, teachers were given two articles that describe the American Statistical Association and NCTM's recommendations for developing statistical thinking in grades K-12. They then brainstormed about different classroom activities they will create in the next two weeks.

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