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Gail Burril - Coordinator*, William Thill - Assistant, Stacey Seeger, Tracy DeMarco, Lalit Kumar, Kym Wollard, Gema Salcedo, Ana Perez, Marty Schnepp, Amelia McCurdy, Adam Chasen
Lesson study is "a collaborative professional development process that involves joint lesson planning under a common goal where teachers engage in planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting on a lesson. The focus of lesson study is on mathematics and on students." Through the experience of learning about and engaging in this process, our group of eight math teachers from various parts of the country has made amazing strides in working and planning collaboratively.
The process began with a presentation of the fundamentals of Lesson Study by Gail Burrill of Michigan State University. We would be planning a lesson that could be implemented to a class of students that were taking a summer course in Geometry at a nearby school. With the guidance of Gail and Bill we narrowed our focus to an appropriate objective. With some additional Input from Professor Blake Peterson from Brigham Young University, we used the objectives to brainstorm some potential problems, and eventually we chose one. We prepared a rough draft to be implemented on a class of our peers. The feedback from this trial run led to some important revisions. We then implemented the revised draft in the Geometry class, and again received vital feedback for more revisions.
This article describes our experience with the lesson study model and includes the lesson we worked on collaboratively during our three weeks at the Park City Math Institute. Group members will now teach this lesson in their own classrooms and will revise the lesson together drawing upon our individual experiences.

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