Implementing Lesson Study Summary

Monday - Friday, July 6 - 10, 2009

On Monday, The Lesson study group started the week by listening to Lalit's presentation on his group's idea on a lesson. After his presentation the group talked about the specifics of the lesson, including tessellations, examples of tiling, and questions to go from inductive to deductive reasoning. We decided to break up into groups in order to address the specifics of the lesson. The groups were the following: introduction, materials and logistics, from induction to deduction and making the distinction between induction and deduction.

On Tuesday, we started posting all of the specifics that the different groups had come up with onto the wiki page. Another aspect in which we concentrated was on how the tiling problem would be posed to the students (the opening question) and how much guiding were we willing to give the students.

On Thursday, we continued to work on the lesson. However this time the focus was centered on the anticipated students' responses and on teacher questioning. We also spent a considerable amount of time on the how the students would compare and discuss induction vs. deduction. This was done by anticipating student responses to questions that were posted by the group in charge of making the distinction between induction and deduction.

On Friday, Stacey implemented the lesson plan to a group of 12 volunteers. During the implementation the rest of the group served as quiet observers of evidence of student learning while taking notes. Afterwards we debriefed as a group on the lesson and how to improve the lesson in order to be better prepared for Tuesday's implementation. The group's comments are currently posted on the wiki page under "Comments on First Lesson" for everyone in the group to review and become familiar with. We decided to meet on Sunday and continue working on the revision of this lesson plan under the guidance of Bill's and Gail's suggestions.

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